Burger King Secret Menu

burger king secret menu
burger king secret menu

Burger King is the favorite fast food spot for most people, with various delicious items on their menu. But you might not know that it is not the only option you have when ordering from Burger King. With some customization, you can get the flavors you crave to elevate the whole experience.

The Burger King secret menu has spread through mouth or words among people with similar taste buds. The unique and delicious combination of flavors has made the whole personal menu popular. This menu lets you experiment with the flavors to find the best one, which will not only satisfy your fast food cravings but will make you yearn for more.

Burger King has compiled all these popular customized flavors that people like and recommend to their fellows to create a new menu. So, what are you waiting for? You can avail yourself of your favorite combination flavors through a secret menu hack at Burger King.

What is Burger King’s Secret Menu?

The BK secret menu is the one that has gotten popular with time as people recommend their favorite customized meals to their friends and family. It consists of a blend of unique and compelling flavors, not on the regular menu, which has caught everyone’s attention. With the perfect customization comes exceptional flavor blend and lingering taste, which is what the secret menu is all about.

People with fast food cravings might be already aware of this secret menu because of their regular visits to Burger King. In case you were unaware of this menu till now, it is time to get ready to experience the thrill of flavors offered by the items on this menu.

Burger King compiles various items on this menu with tantalizing sauces, specialized patties, and other ingredients. The unique blend of seasonings and ingredients provides unique flavors that are instantly likable and indulgent.

This secret menu is open to every customer looking to get more than the regular menu offers. So, if you are willing to experiment with your taste buds and satisfy your fast food cravings in the best possible way, Burger King’s secret menu is your way to go. This is a menu loved by all the foodies in town and has everything it takes to get you to the extra flavor notes and richness.

Why is Burger King’s Secret Menu so popular?

Burger King is one of the most popular fast-food chains worldwide and is loved by people all around. Its burgers, fries, onion rings, and smoothies are enough to satisfy the fast food cravings of any foody. At first, there was no such thing as a secret menu, but it was born with a customizable meal option. Once people started to customize their burgers and sandwiches, they knew what combinations were the best.

The unique combinations tried by people gained popularity over time and created a secret menu. People started recommending the particular flavor and ingredient blends to other people, thus creating entirely new items. These burgers and sandwiches are unavailable on the main menu, and the customers must guide the flavor blends to get the secret menu product.

The items on the main menu or secret menu of Burger King are exceptionally delicious and juicy like no other. High consumers of Burger King burgers and sandwiches have made the personal menu more popular. The exceptional flavor punch of secret menu items has attracted many people and made the secret menu very popular over time.

What is included in the Burger King Secret Menu? 

The secret menu at Burger King consists of many items, including:

  • The Burger King BLT

The Burger King BLT consists of juicy beef patties topped with tomatoes, lettuce, and crispy bacon strips. It costs $3.49, while the BLT junior costs $1.79.

  • The Burger King Club

The warm and fresh sesame seed buns consist of crispy chicken, lettuce, bacon, cheese, and tomato. It costs $3.99.

  • The Burger King Ham and Cheese

This unique item is omelet cheese between sesame buns. It costs $1.99.

  • Frings

Frings is an item consisting of half onion rings and half fries to satisfy both your cravings. The cost of frings is as follows:

  • Value: $1.19
  • Small: $1.69
  • Medium: $2.09
  • Large: $2.29


  • Mustard Whopper

In this item, there is mustard in the Whopper instead of mayonnaise. You can get both, but most people prefer a single sauce. It costs $3.49 and $1.79 for the junior Whopper.

  • Rodeo Burger

Rodeo burger has crunchy onion rings, sweet, tangy BBQ sauce, and beef and cheese. It costs $1.49.

  • Suicide Burger

This mighty burger is the weakness of every foody or burger-lover. It has four beef patties, four cheese slices, bacon, and a special sauce. It only costs $3.99. It is one of the most famous items on Burger King’s secret menu.

  • Veggie Burger

The veggie burger has a tender vegetable patty and regular Whopper toppings. It costs $3.49.


Q: Does Burger King have secret menu items in all locations?

The secret menu at Burger King has gained quite a lot of popularity, but it has made people wonder whether it is available in all locations or not. The secret menu items at Burger King might differ from area to area and from server to server. 

One of the primary reasons for this limitation is that the items are unavailable on the main menu. Not all employees at all Burger King locations know about the secret menu, and they are only trained for the items on the menu. So, you will have to ask the server if they are aware of the secret menu or whether they can prepare the desired meal or not.

Q: What is the best thing on a secret menu at Burger King?

There are various items on a secret menu at Burger King. Most of these items are modified to the existing items on the main menu, but some are entirely new. One of the most unique and heavenly items on the secret menu is the Burger King ham and cheese. It is such a cheap yet mouthwatering option on the personal menu.

Another popular and the best thing on the secret menu at Burger King is the Suicide Burger. It is a sight for sore eyes and taste buds. With its four beef patties and four cheese slices topped with bacon and special sauce, it is everything a burger-lover could dream of.

Q: Why does Burger King have a secret menu?

Burger King’s hidden menu gives its regular customers the satisfaction that they know something that most people might not, thus adding to their loyalty. The secret menu items are those that any restaurant could make for their customers, yet they choose not to advertise them. This is also a marketing technique to build up the interest among customers.

The primary purpose of a secret menu is to keep the customers intrigued and interested in the food items. People who are aware of Burger King’s secret menu might think they are loyal customers who know what the restaurant can do for them, and they start recommending the items to other people.

Q: Is Burger King’s secret menu in 2022 revealed?

With the popularity gained by the secret menu and the scrumptiousness of the unique food items and flavors, many people know about it. Even though the menu is not as much of a secret, the company hasn’t added the items to the main menu yet, making them secret meals.

Even though regular Burger King customers and the internet knows about the Burger King secret menu items, the restaurant doesn’t acknowledge it as a part of the main menu.

Q: What is the price of Burger King’s secret menu?

The price of Burger King’s secret menu differs depending on the items. The cost of modified Whoppers is almost the same as that of the regular Whopper, which is around $4, and about $2 for the junior version.

The unique items like the ham and cheese cost $1.99, and the price of fringes varies depending on the size, as mentioned above.


Burger King has thrived over time and is a well-known fast-food chain. It is brand new with its famous Whopper and exceptional tantalizing sauces and ingredients. Even though Burger King has a lot of burgers and sandwiches on the menu, the secret menu is the door to unique flavors.

The flavor combinations and freshness of Burger King’s secret menu items have always wowed the customers. Being unique and secret, not many people know it, and the ones who do are quite proud of it. So, it’s time to choose your favorite flavor combinations at Burger King now!