Burger King Salad Menu

Burger King Salad Menu
Burger King Salad Menu


Burger King is the most renowned and second-largest fast-food hamburger chain in the world that was established more than 60 years ago in 1954. Since then, it is serving delicious fast food to millions of customers daily. Its fine quality meals, superior ingredients, presentable environment, and budget-friendly prices are all that make it distinct from the competitors.

Burger King is famous because of its maintained standard from the very beginning that has never disappointed its customers in terms of quality as well as taste. Our food works just as hard as we do to satisfy your taste buds and fulfil your fast-food cravings. From gourmet, hand-formed burgers, to daringly delicious hand-cut French fries, from freshly chopped salad to captivating golden brown drumsticks, we have a blast of flavours and uniqueness of taste in everything that we cook.

What is the Burger King salad menu?

In today’s world of all unhygienic and unhealthy food, salad is the one that saves you from dumping those heavy, oily, and stale food into your stomach. However, getting into a restaurant that is overfilled with the sharp and tempting aroma of fries sizzling in hot oil and the mouth-watering sight of scrumptious burgers, but you still choose to eat healthily is an absolute turnover for you towards healthy eating.

Whenever you have decided to eat healthily and when you don’t want to pour in extra fat and calories inside you, then Burger King would be your foremost option. Besides the ever favourite” Whopper”, we also offer you a perfect blend of freshly picked veggies with breaded cut chicken over fresh green lettuce leaves to make your healthy meal so scrumptious that you would always crave for it. We are confident that our salads will be an excellent solution to meet the demand of health-conscious customers. Because they do not contain harmful sauces or food additives, unlike most similar products. Burger King Salad menu is not a typical salad that leaves your stomach empty even after eating a complete bowl, it is nothing less than a full meal that burst into a boost of flavours into your mouth and makes you feel full without consuming extra calories.

Why Burger King’s Salad menu is so popular?

In the USA, every restaurant owner knows that society is more and more trying to eat right, no matter if it is in terms of freshly picked veggies or a smart cut down of fats and calories from their daily diet. Keeping in mind this need of society, we have customized a Burger King Salad menu that has gained great popularity among healthy eaters. It not only fulfils your fancy cravings but also makes you full just with a bowl of scrumptious lettuce, tomatoes, garlic, and shredded cheese. When you get easy access to neat and green veggies just within twinkling and seconds, then you would crave and come back for it because it is as mouth-watering as you want it to be.

The main reason for the popularity of our salad menu is that we are a group of like-minded people who are aware of the problem of healthy eating in the USA. The idea of fresh salad by Burger King is all about ready-made salads made from fresh and crunchy veggies and topped with tempting sauces that make them irresistibly delicious. All our products are made from high-quality ingredients and farm-grown vegetables along with nicely cooked meat that does not contain any food additives.

We believe that our idea will allow people to eat right even at such a frantic pace in our city!

What’s included in Burger King’s salad menu?

If you are in a hurry or you just don’t want to have a typical heavy meal, then nothing could be better than a full bowl of cold lettuce leaves mixed with meat and other veggies to form an appetizing pot of salad. If you ever crave it then you must know that Burger King does have three tempting salad options for salad lovers.

  1. Chicken garden salad
  2. Side Garden Salad
  3. Chicken Club Salad

The top famous Chicken Garden salad by burger king is no lesser than a heavy full-sized meal. It is a tempting combination of crunchy radicchio Lettuce leaves, sweet and sour juicy ripened tomatoes, buttery garlic croutons, crisp green romaine, and chewy and soft chicken pieces topped with a generous amount of shredded cheddar cheese. This ultimately flavourful salad is available for you for just $4.79.

The next favourite item on Burger Kingsalad’s menu is our Side Garden Salad which is a perfect mix of all juicy and freshly cut lettuce leaves that has a satisfying crunch and crispiness due to its freshness. Lettuce leaves are garnished with small juicy tomatoes, freshly baked and seasoned croutons, a mixture of three different types of flavoursome cheeses, and your choice of appetizing salad dressing that can fulfil your craving. It is available only for $2.59.

And the last one is Chicken Club Salad which is undoubtedly the best choice for salad lovers and healthy eaters. It is an irresistible combo of lettuce leaves, green romaine, tomatoes, and freshly baked slices of bacon with a hint of garlic. You can also add your favourite dressing on top of it to enhance its flavours. It’s worth is only $5.59.


Some Frequently asked questions about Burger King’s Allergen menu

What kind of salad does Burger King have?

Burger King Salad’s menu is famous throughout the USA just because of the freshness and enhancing flavours that they provide. Burger King will never make you regret your decision of buying an appetizing bowl of salad from their menu, it will eventually take you back to a sunny summer full of aromas and blooming landscapes. Their tempting salad range is complemented by easily digestible cheese, small cherry tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, and lush green lettuce as if they had just been picked from the garden. Burger King has some extraordinary skills to design a kind of salad bowl that ultimately pull the customers back again when they intensely crave for it

What is the most popular salad item at Burger King?

When it comes to eating a nutritional salad at Burger King, you can blindly rely on its supremely amazing quality and satisfying flavours. Burger King’s salad menu is super famous all over the USA, especially its taste-enhancing ranch dressing. The most popular salad item of Burger King is its Chicken Garden Salad especially when it gets topped up with a sauce that is a fantastic amalgamation of buttermilk, garlic, onion, salt, mustard, herbs, and spices named Ranch sauce, then it becomes a major hit for salad lovers.

How many kinds of Burger King menu salad dressing?

Burger King offers the salad lovers three different kinds of aromatic and flavourful dressing to add to the salad and bring an interesting twist to the taste of that bowl of happiness. These are ranch dressing, Italian lightness, and lite honey balsamic dressing. Every person has a different kind of taste for salads, few people love ranch while others are die-hard Italian fanatics, and the rest loves it to be a little sweet by adding a touch of honey. These incredibly tasteful dressings ultimately give a spark to a mainstream salad bowl. You must also look at the caloric count of these flavourful dressings if you want to eat healthily and keep yourself fit.

How many Burger King menu salad calories?

Burger King menu salad has a choice of not-so-healthy salad named Chicken Garden salad that has a relatively high caloric count as compared to other salads of Burger King. The total caloric count of Chicken Garden Salad is 870cal comprises 14.5grams of saturated fat, 70.5 grams of unsaturated fat, 34.7 grams of carbohydrates in addition to 1605 milligrams of sodium that is obvious in fats and calories even a heavy banger by the burger king has a less caloric count than this salad. Moreover, the ever-famous Side Garden Salad has a total of 322 calories which is undoubtedly a healthy option.

What is the price of Chicken Club salad at Burger King?

The oh-so-healthy and forever favourite salad from Burger King Salad menu named Chicken club salad is a healthy and tasty choice for clean eaters. Burger king salad menu 2022 has launched the price of this power blasting box of taste and freshness at the rate of $5.59 which is a very reasonable amount to be paid for this ultimately amazing bowl of fresh salad. Burger King never disappoints its customers in terms of quality and taste. All the vegetables and lettuce leaves used in these salads are super fresh as if there are just picked from a garden. So, whenever you feel low, or boredom strikes, and you crave something fancy but healthy – then this chicken club green salad topped with crispy chicken is indeed the best choice.


Making a perfect blend of veggies, meat, and sauces into an outclass salad is not an easy task. But Burger King has proved that not all salads are boring, we can add a great spice of fresh veggies and tempting dressings over a simple salad to make it finger-licking good. Nowadays, people are more towards eating healthy and cutting down extra caloric count to make themselves physically active and robust. Therefore, Burger King Salad Menu Prices are super affordable for everyone. They have made a salad menu for all those people out there to satisfy their fast-food cravings just with a fresh and appetizing salad that is not only healthy but is also filled with boosting flavours that urges you to eat again and again.