Burger King Dessert Menu

Burger King Dessert Menu
Burger King Dessert Menu

Even though Burger King is known for its exceptionally delicious Whopper, which has gained popularity worldwide, it has much more to offer. Burger King not only offers burgers and sandwiches but its items for the people with a sweet tooth cannot be ignored at any cost. The Burger King dessert menu has several delicious things to put a lovely end to your wholesome meal.

Being one of the largest affordable fast-food chains in the world, Burger King has offered its customers nothing but convenience and cost-effectiveness. The Burger King delicious burgers are undoubtedly worth every penny, but the desserts are nothing less. So, let’s talk about the Burger King desserts that you must surely try.

What is Burger King Dessert Menu?

Burger King has served the foodies worldwide for years with delicious burgers, but it has proven that burgers are not the only good thing they do. The dessert menu is the perfect solution for all your after-meal sweet cravings. From pies to cookies, they have everything in the best possible taste, which can efficiently fulfill your cravings.

Burger King menu dessert has a variety of sweet items. If you are a drink-your-dessert person, you can always dig into the multiple options of drinks and shakes on the menu. But if you are an eat-your-dessert person, you still have many options to choose from.

There is also an option of warm and cold desserts depending on the weather demands and your preference. You can choose if you want to go for a sundae or would you prefer a tasty, crispy crust pie or some cookies with your tea or coffee.

Also, all the dessert items are pretty economical, just like the other items offered by Burger King. So, once you are just savoring the delicious Whopper, you can ask for the dessert menu and spend some more time satisfying your taste buds at the place.

Why is Burger King Menu Dessert so famous?

Is it even a good restaurant if you cannot satisfy your sweet tooth once you have savored the tasty savory meal? No, it is not even possible. Every place must offer some good desserts to go after the meals to create a wholesome food package for their customers. Burger King has thrived over the years with its delicious burgers and sandwiches, but its shakes and desserts have also gained quite a popularity.

The Burger King dessert menu is full of sweet treats, all under $5 making it highly cost-effective and desirable. You might know that desserts at most places tend to cost more than the other items. Yet, Burger King has kept its promise of being an economical food chain worldwide.

It is not only the cost-effectiveness of Burger King desserts that have made them famous, but also their freshness and incredible taste. Most people have liked and rated the Burger King desserts as one of the best offered by similar food chains. All these factors add up to the popularity of Burger King desserts, all a lot of reasons for you to try them on your next Burger King visit.

What is included in the Burger King Dessert Bar Menu?

The prices of the Burger King dessert menu are listed below, along with tempting little details about the desserts.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

They are chewy, soft, and warm when served. You get two cookies for $1.50.

  • Donut Holes

Donut holes are just like their name, light and airy, a perfect dessert for the donut-lovers. Five donut holes are served for $1.40.

  • CinnabonMinibon

The CinnabonMinibon is served warmly with syrup on the top and side. They come in three quantities and prices. You can get a CinnabonMinibon for $1.99, two for $3.69, and four for $5.99.

  • Dutch Apple Pie

Dutch apple pie is the best dessert for all pie-lovers. The crust is flaky and warm, while the apples are crunchy, making the best pie combination. It costs $1.19.

  • Hershey’s Sundae Pie

The Hershey’s sundae pie has a chocolate crust and a chocolate and vanilla crème filling. It costs $2.49 on the Burger King dessert menu.

  •  Hand-Spun Shake

The hand-spun shake comes in various flavors and sizes. Flavors include vanilla, Hershey’s, M&M’s, and oreo, and it comes in three sizes. The slight hand-spun shake costs $1.99, the medium one costs $2.49, and the large one costs $2.99.

  • Soft Serve Cone or Cup

The soft-serve cone or cup is soft, creamy, and perfect for sweet summer treats. It costs $1.

  • Sundaes

Sundaes are among the most popular desserts on the Burger King dessert bar menu. They come in various flavors, including warm oreo brownies, oreo, M&Ms, chocolate, and a caramel sundae, and cost $2.49.


Q: What dessert does Burger King have?

Burger King has a variety of desserts on its menu for all the people who cannot complete their meal without the sweet item. From drinkable to solid desserts, it offers multiple desserts that you can choose from according to your liking and preference.

Some of the desserts on the Burger King Menu include cookies, chocolate, caramel, M&Ms, oreo, brownie, Hershey’s sundaes, hand-spun shakes in various flavors, and dutch apple pie, and Hershey’s pie. These desserts might vary from location to location as well. You can always look through the dessert menu of your nearest Burger King to know if they have the dessert you want or not.

Q: What is the most popular item on the Burger King dessert menu?

The dessert menu at Burger King is not just a boring little menu but has various exciting things for its customers. One of the most popular dessert items on the Burger King’s menu is the chocolate oreo cookie shake. Its rich, delectable texture might be rich in calories, but it is worth it all.

The vanilla ice cream, oreo cookies, and chocolate syrup all mix up to create one of the most delicious hand-spun shakes you will ever taste. No doubt it is a must-try if you want to try something sweet with the delightful burger on your next visit to Burger King.

Q: Does the dessert menu at Burger King have sundaes?

The lengthy Burger King dessert menu is sundaes too. Therefore, if you are a solid cold dessert person, you can always try this delicious sundae. The Burger King sundaes come in three different delicious flavors.

If you are a fruity flavored item person, you can try the strawberry sundae, but if you like caramel, caramel sundae will satisfy your cravings the best. Burger King also offers a chocolate fudge sundae for all the chocolate lovers, known for its decadent flavor notes and exceptional chocolaty richness.

Q: Does Burger King have ice creams on their dessert menu?

Yes, Burger King offers various forms, flavors, and sizes of ice-creams. The hand-spun shakes also have vanilla ice cream as a base, while the sundaes are the best ice cream form you can think of or try. Moreover, if you are a cone person, you can get a soft-serve ice cream cone to satisfy your cravings.

All the ice cream forms offered by Burger King on their dessert menu are rich and flavored with exceptional softness. This makes these ice cream desserts likable to the Burger King customers worldwide.

Q: Does BK have shortcakes on their dessert menu?

Burger King doesn’t offer shortcakes on their dessert menu. They have other varieties of liquid and solid deserts, which are all popular and tasty. The desserts offered by Burger King include hand-spun shakes, sundaes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, ice cream cones, and pies.

All these desserts come in a variety of flavors in an economical price range. Therefore, you can always satisfy your sweet tooth after having a flavorful savory meal at Burger King.


Burger King is known worldwide for its Whopper and onion rings. They offer a variety of burgers and sandwiches which are rich in flavor featuring decadent and tender meat. But savory is not only what Burger King excels at; they have desserts too. Burger King’s dessert menu has a variety of desserts that are worth a try.

You can choose from a wide range of soft and solid desserts according to your liking and satisfy your sweet cravings. Haven’t you tried a Burger King dessert yet? It is not too late. You can get your favorite dessert on your next visit to check for yourself if all the hype is explainable or not.